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Business Psychologist (FH) Dirk Bieler, Marketing Manager PR & Communication, Köster GmbH, Osnabrück

“Our standard for editorial content for our customers and for the press is the same as what we set for our buildings: efficient in implementation and high quality results. Comm’n Sense fulfills this high standard and enriches our customer and press communication in a professional and targeted manner. Extensive industry knowledge, a high level of commitment and the right instinct, especially in personal conversations, lead to verifiable success.”

“H+H Deutschland GmbH is striving to be acknowledged in Germany as a strong, efficient Number Two amongst the producers of white building bricks. Comm’n Sense is accompanying us along this path by creating a continually consistent profile of H+H Deutchland GmbH everywhere where products, services and aims of the company have to be put into words for print documents, press articles or online media. I have known the Comm’n Sense agency myself for more than twenty years and have always experienced our cooperation as a great asset. The support of Comm’n Sense allows us with a small team of our own marketing specialists to cover a wide range of tasks also in the field of communication.”

“Roto Frank Professional Services GmbH is a young, agile service company that benefits from the ideas of experienced communication specialists. The Comm’n Sense team has been at home in the component industry for many years and is aware of the expectations our customers have. As a network of the new generation, with strong roots in the specialist trade, we have a lot to offer. The Comm’n Sense team knows how to undertake this.”

“Public relations and communication play a central role in the work of our professional association. The huge experience of Comm’n Sense gained from its decade-long cooperation with companies in the construction industry noticeably helps us in this respect to pass on information efficiently and tailored to each target group. We value the advice of the agency in all facets of communication and experience their services and the quality of the developed concepts and texts as definitely above average.”

“The Comm’n Sense agency has been working alongside DEUTSCHE ROCKWOOL since 2004. The agency has always demonstrated a high degree of reliability and flexibility in its well-coordinated cooperation with numerous members of staff of DEUTSCHE ROCKWOOL. A completely trustworthy relationship with each other allows us to work together extremely effectively.

Comm’n Sense also regularly provides services for our sister companies RTI ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation and Rockfon Acoustic Ceilings. Based on its extensive knowledge of both product and company, the agency team helps those responsible for marketing to use their available budgets in a target-oriented and efficient way.”


“In December 2005 Comm’n Sense took on the task of developing a magazine which Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH use worldwide every three months to provide customers and staff with information.

After only three months the first issue of our magazine Roto Inside was published with an attractive mix of international topics from different sectors of the company. To this day three issues of the magazine are published each year.

At Roto Frank Holding AG, we gladly use the agency team’s competence for internal and public relations issues on a regular basis.”

“Comm’n Sense accompanied the construction and commissioning of our new head office with its team of photographers and video specialists, thus laying the foundation stone for numerous successful marketing measures. The agency showed organisational strength and a comprehensive understanding of our work processes and of what takes place on large construction sites.”


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BIG Bundesverband in den Gewerken Trockenbau und Ausbau e.V., Berlin

Bundesverband Porenbetonindustrie e.V., Berlin

Cembrit GmbH, Düsseldorf

Ceresit BAUTECHNIK, Düsseldorf

Deventer Profile GmbH

H+H Deutschland GmbH, Wittenborn

HECK Wall Systems GmbH, Marktredwitz

HÜPPE GmbH, Bad Zwischenahn

JUNG PUMPEN GmbH, Steinhagen

Köster GmbH, Osnabrück

leverdy GmbH & Co KG, Leverkusen

PPG Coatings Deutschland GmbH, Bochum



ROCKWOOL B.V. / Rockpanel, Gladbeck


Roto Frank Holding AG, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Roto Frank Professional Services GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Schaper Baustoffe GmbH, Lügde