Sometimes you can’t
leave nothing to chance

When it comes to placing a crisp, but from the point of view of the critical press, obviously promotional message and still providing comprehensive information, advertorials come into their own. Your strength: You decide on the text and message – but the look and feel are more reminiscent of a press article than an advertisement.

Simply more

Most publishers have understood that companies sometimes have a hard time deciding between advertising and public relations. That is why they offer exciting opportunities in their print media as well as in their digital media to combine a journalistically well- story, e.g. with a campaign claim and advertising key visuals.

The Comm’n Sense team knows how advertising and PR merge into a good whole. And at the same time convey fun and knowledge to the readers. What can this look like?

Innovative companies like our cclient PPG benefit from a combination of classic ad product advertising and advertorials. Emotional start – informative amplifier: The added value of the new product is conveyed and anchored.

When a company decides to downsize its product portfolio, this is an issue that makes customers and the competition sit up and take notice. Why does a manufacturer decide to forego part of its business? Sometimes there isn’t just one good reason.